American Air Racing is the premier facility in Custom Aircraft Building and your one stop shop for all of your performance needs.

John Parker

John Parker: Started the American Air Racing in 1967 working on racing aircraft in addition to flying for American Airlines. He is an aeronautical engineer, retired airline captain, test pilot, air race pilot, experimental aircraft builder, and A&P mechanic with Inspection Authority. Mr. Parker will be overseeing all operations at American Air Racing insuring that the very highest standards or excellence are maintained in construction and maintenance. His favorite expression is “perfection is minimum standard”

Mike Cummings

Mike Cummings: Is a professional mechanic who has been working for AAR since 2005 and is highly skilled in all fields of aircraft construction and maintenance.

Sean McLaughlin

Sean McLaughlin: Is an engineering student at UNR and works here as a mechanic building the experience requirement for an A&P license as well as seeing the practical side of the engineering designs.

Fred Roscher

Fred Roscher: Is the CEO of 51 Aero LLC and an electrical engineer.

He is a major sponsor and helps us with all of our electrical projects.